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Makers and Partners’ Tax Consultants will help you navigate the complex tax environment in Ghana. We have the Expertise, resources, and passion to satisfy our Client needs and exceed their expectations.

Income taxes in Ghana can be broadly divided into Individual and Corporate Income Taxes. Individual income taxes are levied on the income from employment, business and investment while corporate income taxes are levied on the profits of corporate persons. At MAP, we offer tax preparation and filing services for both individuals and businesses.

Managing your tax matters every year can be a frustrating and strenuous exercise. As Tax Consultants, we would like to offer our help in taking care of these stressful matters to allow you to minimize your tax exposure, maximize their profits and cash flow, and grow their business.

Makers and Partners Tax Services include:

  • Assisting clients with the preparation and filing of tax returns and compliance with tax issues and obligations
  • Payroll management and related Personnel Tax issues
  • Corporate and Withholding Tax Management
  • Processing of Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Value Added Tax Management
  • Representing and negotiating on behalf of Clients with the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority
  • Tax planning
  • Taking advantage of reliefs and incentives available under the various tax laws
  • Tax health checks/audits, Investigation;
  • Business Acquisitions, Disposals and Restructuring and related Tax issues
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